August 9, 2012

Service project in August

Homeless youth and your medicine cabinet -  What do the two things have in common?  They are both service projects the MOMS Club® board have decided to dedicate time to in August. Both rely on the extras in your bathroom cabinets. 

Our club has previously donated to Catholic Charities' SHY (Sustainable Housing for Youth) project, which provides training and help for homeless teenagers in the area.  The SHY project also provides packed backpacks as a first aid service for homeless teenagers and they rely on donations for the content of the backpacks.  We are awaiting a comprehensive list of the content but for now we are collecting:
Hotel soaps, shampoos etc.
Travel-sized (new) toiletries

Also, we give you a chance to safely dispose of your old medicine, prescription and over-the-counter.  Take this chance to get rid of those left-overs from the kids' ear infection two years ago.  Jen will take your old medicine to the county for safe disposal.

There will be two collection dates:
Thursday Aug 9 at the Members' Social
Friday Aug 17 at the chat'n'play at Brenda's

August 1, 2012

Financial report for July 2012

Balance June: $ 276.66
Activity in July:
$ -59.16 - Supplies
$ +25.00 - new member
Current balance: $ 242.50

The MOMS Club® is a nonprofit corporation and a 501 (C) (3) publicly-supported charity registered with the IRS.