June 17, 2014

Are we there yet? Free travel games for kids

General travel hints
A teacher here gives a list of helpful advise on travel toys.  My favourite by far is an example of the power of the drawstring bag:  Using it to collect a game for the travel home.  She writes: "small items collected on the holiday are placed in the bag (a shell, piece of seaweed, pine cone, postcard). Each person takes an item from the bag in turn and begins its story with "I remember this because it was when...."" Pretty nice idea.

Here's a large selection of travel activities that use easy-to-find materials, can go on an airplane and fit in a gallon ziplock bag.  Thank you!

Babies and toddlers: Lid on - lid off.  Stick in - stick out.  Repeat.
This mom is not the first to discover it, but she's going to get the credit for the popsicle in a mug game (no least because of her other post on toddler activity bags).  You'll need:  1) Popsicle sticks; 2)
a travel mug.

Printable games
Grab a clip board from home (or the thrift store) and print out these free games!

A mom blogger took the time to make three sets of five road trip bingo plates.  Should be enough to last for a little while!

Should you need more or something different, there's always Pinterest!