October 4, 2012

Mom, what does the president do?

Do you try to get the kids to bed before a presidential debate and can you not explain on the spot why you want to skip story time for two guys arguing on TV?

Would you not mind playing a kids game to be reminded what exactly the president does for a living?

PBS Kids' online Democracy Project has games, fun facts, interactive exploration of the role of of government and more - and your humble webmaster has tested some of the more fun features.  The educational content is intended for third to seven-graders, but in my opinion activities like Meet the Candidates and My Government is a fun and easy way of introducing pre-schoolers to names and terms that are swirling around their heads these days anyway.


Select an issue and candidate (or put 'em both on there) to create a sticker that expresses your ideas of what's important.

Clicking through an interactive map you can find facts and talk about how government plays a role in the everyday lives of kids.